Site Redesign

Welcome to the new! And also, and I finally archived the old site in favor of something more modern and basic, then consolidated and pointed all of my domains here. It also gave me an opportunity to downsize my hosting plan- turns out I was paying way too much for what I needed.

I’d like to eventually integrate the ruffle plugin to play and preserve my old flash content, but for now the best place to see it is on Newgrounds. I’m currently focusing on console, PC, and mobile development. More on that in a future update.

A big thanks to the IndiePups for creating the new site template!

One response to “Site Redesign”

  1. yo man i was a big fan of two series played hours and hours days and days just playing the game man, made leaderboards and etc etc , WE GOTTA GET IT bakc up and running man, server? mobile? steam something man, maybe a remake 3d or something maybe not 3d idk man but its 2023 we its gotta be easier to do this man idc what it takes im no programmer or anything but i could help with designs i just made this in 10min on tw3 heres my map code.. thats just witin the app man nothing crazy just quick i just hate to see this game never being played online again, all good things come to an end but man its 2023 not this , part of my child hood a masterpiece for this game as simple as it , regardless thank you bro i appreciate you tyyy ,<3

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